NHTE 198 Cooper Phillip

California-based singer/songwriter with an amazing story of being born and growing up in Russia before moving to New York as a teenager and then Los Angeles. She had studied classical piano and theory, harp, ballet and voice. She even overcame less than desirable sleeping arrangements in the Big Apple when she first came to the U.S. Currently working toward a new EP to start off 2018, her debut EP had been called, “Walk A Mile.” Her success includes a lyric video that in one year has totaled approximately 130 thousand views on her official YouTube channel.

Show Quotes: 

"When it comes to songwriting I'm always trying to think about engaging with my audience and telling my story.  It's all about sharing my story because that's the only way to inspire your audience - by being who you are, being honest and sincere."

"My whole story, where I'm coming from, it's been a very rough journey for me to come from Russia, to establish myself in the United States.  It's been a really hard and kind of long process of kind of like putting pieces together and discovering myself."

"The whole concept behind my music is inspiration.  I really want to be an example that will inspire people to be stronger, to be better, to fight for their dreams because I'm an example of that person who's coming from nowhere and going nowhere but still following and chasing all the dreams."

"It's all about the impression, not the number (of song streams)."

"To me pop (music) is something that is popular and has the meaning.  It has a potential to influence the masses."

"The whole world is changing right now and it's all about being strong and kind of like staying independent because it's in your hands."

"Exposure is huge, it's priceless.  And if you're plugged into the right outlet and you're getting your fans engaged, it's really big.  Because, today, your currency is your following for any artist."

"For me the whole DJ world, performing with a track, was really new because I'm coming from this background of playing venues with a full live band."

"My mom was against me becoming a musician because she knew that, especially in Russia, it is really tough to make a good living out of that profession."

"(My mom) actually quit music to help me move to the United States and pursue my dream."

"For the first time in my life, when I got to New York, I felt like home.  I never felt like home in Russia."

"I feel like, in music it's really hard to prove something by having a degree.  You're either a great singer or a great artist and your music is moving other people.  Because, nobody asks me about my education."

Songs on this episode: 

“Party By Myself”