Small Businesses

Now Hear This also successfully serves small businesses, including outside the music industry.

Consider these examples of who we are doing and/or have done work for:
•    Salon/spa
•    Certified Addictions Professional
•    Healthcare non-profit organization

•    Animal publication
•    Property management company
•    Auction company
•    Chamber of Commerce
•    Music publishing company
•    Recording studio

Our communications (public relations/marketing) services range anywhere from:
•    Branding
•    Video production
•    Media relations (examples of some media outlets we've had success with here)
•    Writing projects (articles, publications, executive bio, etc.)
•    Flyers, brochures, banners
•    Business plan
•    Website and social media work

Contact us to discuss the needs of your small business and how we can assist in helping you project a first class image to your audience.