Vocalist Julia Harbord is the newest client for Now Hear This, company president Bruce Wawrzyniak announced today.  Work has now begun for the young singer who is based in the greater Tampa Bay area.

“I have had my eye – and my ears! – on Julia Harbord for quite some time now,” Wawrzyniak said.  “She impressed me the first time I saw her perform.  Having kept her on the radar all that time, I’m thrilled to now have a formal working relationship.

Podcast Awards logo

“Now Hear This Entertainment” has been nominated in the Music category for the 11th Podcast Awards.  Online voting is underway through June 12th and the winners will be announced live on YouTube on Sunday, June 26th.

“What an honor this is,” said Now Hear This President Bruce Wawrzyniak, who hosts the weekly show.  “To see NHTE listed on the ballot along with all the others really does make you stop.  You know from analytics that the show has listeners worldwide, but when this type of recognition comes along it makes you feel good that people are taking notice.

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Already having gotten listeners from 115 countries, the weekly show “Now Hear This Entertainment” has been added to a major platform, Google Play Music, making it possible to reach even more ears.

Alyse Black

Texas-based singer/songwriter Alyse Black is now being booked by Now Hear This, it was announced today.  Effective immediately, NHT is pursuing opportunities for the performer and her band, with an emphasis on festivals, corporate events, music venues, and the college circuit, and no limitations on locale.

Bruce Wawrzyniak with Lindsay McCaul

The weekly show “Now Hear This Entertainment” has come out of the gate in 2016 reaching new heights and earning lots of notice for doing so.


2015 Year in ReviewEach week a blog is posted to provide insights that will help performers take one more step in advancing their career.  The hope is to contribute to that vision you have of where you’re headed in both the near and distant future.

Now Hear This is proud to add Upper Cervical Center of Brandon to the small business portfolio of its client list.
This latest addition reinforces the diverse audience that Now Hear This can serve.

The addition of Zarrilli Training and Consulting to the client roster has brought with it a new area for Now Hear This.

“This is a unique addition,” said Now Hear This President Bruce Wawrzyniak.  “We already have a client list consisting of performers, authors, small businesses, and even an Olympic athlete.  But Zarrilli Training and Consulting is an entirely different and unique category of business adding a new dimension to NHT.