Don't just take our word on it.  Now Hear what others say about us:

"I have been a client of Now Hear This for almost a year now and I have to say it has been one of the most exhilarating, busiest, and most rewarding years of my life.  When I decided I wanted to pursue a career in singing, I was unsure of every step I needed to take to achieve my goal.  However, since I decided to join with Now Hear This and have Bruce as my manager, things have been a breeze.  Not only is Bruce knowledgable about the industry, but he does everything he can to help you pursue your dreams and makes every client feel beyond important.  Joining with Now Hear This has been one of the best decisions of my life and I can't wait to see where this amazing management will take me."
~ Courtney Welch
Tampa, FL

"Now Hear This has worked hard to promote Mission Recovery, a ministry for people struggling with addictions, and my book, Praying for Your Addicted Loved One: 90 in 90.  Bruce lined up television and radio interviews to get us exposure, both locally and nationally, and venues to hold addiction workshops and seminars.  I had book signings at Barnes & Noble as a result of his efforts.  We are pleased with the professional service we have received from Bruce and recommend him without hesitation."
~ Sharron Cosby
Tampa, FL

"I've had the pleasure of working with Bruce Wawrzyniak for about three years. The best decision I ever made was letting Now Hear This handle my bookings and other special media coverage ... I just wanted to take the time to say 'Thank You Bruce'."
~ Ella Chadwell
Tampa, FL

"Now Hear This has been one of the wisest investments in my musical career as an aspiring singer/songwriter. Over the last six years, Now Hear this has helped me significantly with the following: finding/booking gigs, maintaining my social media, scheduling appointments and networking opportunities, seeing that I get paid when necessary, and the most valuable service being the solid security/protection I have in the music business. Trying to balance my personal life with my music aspirations has proven to be quite a challenge, but with the help of Now Hear This I am able to successfully pursue my music-related goals. My musical accomplishments would be few and far in between if I didn't have Now Hear This on my team. If you're wanting to take your music/artistry to the next level, I highly recommend you work with this trustworthy company."
~ Melissa Brethauer
Los Angeles, CA

"I can recommend Now Hear This with no reservations.  Bruce is an absolutely sincere person who is able to put his full attention on a client and accurately assess what they need to go to the next step in their career.  His positive attitude and enthusiasm encourages his clients to believe in themselves and discover their potential.  This is a refreshing and important quality to me after being involved in show business my entire life. I have enjoyed working with Bruce because he loves people and believes in the magic of music.  I first met Bruce when I was singing and vocal coaching in Tampa, Florida.  I still call him for advice now that I live in Nashville, and we always meet when he's here in town.  I know Bruce always has my best interests in mind and does what he says he is going to do.  I hope all the good that Bruce puts out in the world comes back to him.  He will be blessed."
~ Kim Franca
Singer/songwriter, Vocal coach
Nashville, TN

"Professional, knowledgeable, dependable, and invaluable are just a few words to describe this fine intelligent gentleman. Conducts business the way we used to with friendship, confidence, and thorough communication! A business expert with class and a handshake you can trust! Bruce has done an excellent job in regard to consultation, exposure, and management with my recording studio and live entertainment. I give NHT my highest recommendation!"
~ Dominick Pages
Studio owner, Band leader (writer, guitar, vocals)
Tampa, FL

“I'm a full time professional DJ and musician that has known and worked with Bruce for several years.  All of his dates have been exactly as promised, never any issues for the client or entertainer.  I also know him to be very honest about finances, especially concerning commission.  Most agents I know ask for 25% only then to find out they took 60 to 70%!  Not Bruce – he’s honest and fair with everyone involved.  Whether a client or entertainer, I highly recommend Bruce from Now Hear This."
~ Chuck Weirich
DJ, musician
Tampa, FL

"Fight Night Productions has been using Bruce and Now Hear This for the past few years to provide musical artists to perform at our events.  Bruce holds himself and his talent to the highest professional standards.  The performers are extremely talented, punctual, and a pleasure to deal with.  Bruce is willing to go to all ends to ensure that the client is satisfied, and Now Hear This has become a staple at our events.  Bruce and his company are a huge asset.  With so many things to worry about during the presentation of our events, it is nice to know in the back of my mind that Bruce and Now Hear This have everything taken care of, and that we will be getting a top notch performance from his artists.  I adamantly and sincerely recommend Bruce and Now Hear This to all event promoters and organizers.  You will never have to worry about the quality of your musical performers ever again."
~ Aaron Jacobs
Chief Executive Manager, Fight Night Productions, LLC
Tampa, FL

"Over the last seven years, I have been the Entertainment Director for the St. Stephen's Spring Jubilee. Bruce has provided me with tremendous performers for our stage that have delighted the crowds. From solo acts to complete bands, Now Hear This has it all. Thanks, Bruce, for all you've done for us!"
~ Stephanie Brown
Entertainment Director
Tampa, FL