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For talent coming to this page to learn more about what we can do for you, Now Hear This provides a wide range of services including, but not limited to:

  • image/branding
  • evaluate (and help with) your stage presence and stage show
  • evaluate (and help with) your internet presence (website and social media)
  • story placements in the media (examples of some media outlets we've had success with here)
  • *liaise on your behalf with a PRO
  • create a media kit (write or edit your bio, coordinate a photo shoot, etc.)
  • developing PR materials, including for your live shows (flyer, newsletter sign-up, merch, etc.)
  • *distribution for your music (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.)
  • *secure copyrights for your original music
  • make sure you have sufficient video (quality- and quantity-wise)
  • wardrobe and song selection
  • serve as a catch-all: Hear about something on the radio? We'll look into it for you.  Find something online?  We'll check it out.  Friend/family member has a tip on an opportunity?  Let us know.

...and other duties as requested.  Remember, you are our boss. 

ABOVE ALL ELSE, everything Now Hear This does is done after discussing each and every detail of the PR plan with the talent, and all efforts are only done with the client's best interests at heart.  Each client is different and so are their needs.  That's why the work we do for you is the work you want us to do.

* - where applicable