NHTE 175 Katie Belle

A singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist whose new music video got over 12 thousand views in the first week alone and is working toward a new EP. She has won multiple female country artist awards, plus, one of her original songs was chosen for a bullying awareness charity, which led to her headlining the Teen Nation Tour. Although she’s based in Atlanta, she does travel to Nashville regularly, having started doing so at the age of just ten years old! She is also quite accomplished in modeling as well, having been on the Spring 2017 cover of Teen Fashion Magazine, appeared at New York Fashion Week, walked at New Orleans Fashion Week, Miami Beach Week, and more.

Show Quotes: 

“I’ve basically dedicated my whole life to music for a long time now.”

“Music and everything that I’m doing right now is going so well… I wanna keep going with my music and keep achieving my goals and small successes every day.”

“It’s a really scary choice because at such a young age you’re like, ‘Wow, I could ruin my whole life right now!’”

“It turns out (that) I could play the piano by ear, so, piano kind of picked me.”

“If I’m walking in a fashion show and they find out I’m a singer they’ll want me to perform as well, so that gets my name out as both.”

“Like I said, usually when they find out, if I’m walking in a show or doing an event with modeling and they find out I’m a singer they want to book me, and they want me to do both.  So, it’s really great ‘cause in the entertainment industry it all kinda goes hand-in-hand, like, acting, modeling, singing – all of it really complements each other.”

“The secret to doing covers is to kind of bet and forecast which songs are being released that you think are going to go Number 1.  So, right when a new song drops from an ‘A list’ artist, you record it really fast and try to release it before anybody else.  And then once the song starts gaining popularity people will go and search it on YouTube to listen to it for free and then they’ll run into your music video.”

“Sometimes it’s the thing where you just don’t try and it ends up being something amazing and people really gravitate towards it.”

“When I was in school I was given a really hard time for wanting to follow my dreams of being a singer.  I was bullied by students and by my teachers… It was a horrible time for me.  But it was something that I wrote a lot of music about and I put a lot of that emotion into my music and it helped me through… At the end of the day it made me a stronger and better person.”

“After Taylor Swift the flood gates closed.  Country music is not very welcoming to the females because it’s such a competitive, competitive genre to be in as a female.  Everyone’s trying to take that Taylor Swift spot and it’s a void that I don’t know will ever be fully filled, to be perfectly honest… I don’t know what it is but the market for women in country music is just not there.”

Songs on this episode: 

“Georgia Moon”
“American Wild”