NHTE 187 Dinorah Zamora

Recorded on-location in San Diego with a Mexican born singer/songwriter who has performed internationally and is working towards an EP release. Already in her young career she has been involved in charitable works, and, she has worked with Carlos Santana’s former guitar teacher. At the time of the interview she was ranked Number 1 on ReverbNation for her genre in San Diego. She also talks about filming in China for her music video, which got over 16 thousand views in its first two months.

Show Quotes: 

“I would sit down and listen in on other people’s conversations because I didn’t have stories to tell yet.  So if somebody was talking about their problems or something I would get inspiration from that.”

“I want to express to people what I’m feeling when I’m singing my music and I want people to know where it’s coming from and maybe they can connect to it.”

“When I would perform (in China) like around 12 or 1 in the morning or at 2, there was a lot of supportive drunk people, which allowed me to loosen up on stage too… it helped me kinda take off the nervousness.”

“I’m really honest in my lyrics.  I don’t have a diary but I have a music journal that I write music in and I write about everything that happens in my life – things I see and things I feel.”

Songs on this episode: 

“Count Your Shoes”
“Watch the Cricket”