NHTE 164 Natalie Gelman AND Josh Logan

Natalie Gelman and then Josh Logan each performed and then sat down for these interviews during the Winter 2017 NAMM show in California. Gelman talks about getting started by playing on the street in Times Square and then down in the subway as well as pretending to be 21 to play in the clubs. A singer/songwriter based in California, she also talks about a new music video as well as a European tour she did and an album release she’ll be doing this year. Josh Logan was on “The Voice” in 2013, finishing in the top 12, after having been top 15 on “Rockstar: Supernova” in 2006. He recently released an EP and talks about it, as well as staying fresh by moving around, his deep-rooted admiration of and influence by Stevie Wonder, and even his thoughts on music streaming services.

Show Quotes: 


“I started out actually busking in Times Square, and I was taught – I went to the same school, LaGuardia High School, the ‘Fame’ movie was based on my school – and we were taught (to) always be ready to perform, never say No if someone asks you to sing.”

“I’ve probably put in a thousand, two thousand, three thousand hours playing subway and busking gigs and you still don’t know if people are going to listen.”

“All of my best contacts and the people who are totally behind me have been often through busking.”

“You never know, you just have to put yourself (out there) and be fearless, that’s kind of my message with everything I do.”

“We’re all human and everyone has the same motivations and wants to be part of this connected community, and it’s more fun that way.”

“You need your community and you need that collaboration and those are the people who are gonna keep you going and put wind in your sails.”

“As soon as I think I know what I’m doing – like I’ve got my act together – I realize how I don’t, and then I realize how good it is to not have any idea what I’m doing because then everything’s possible.”


“(Being on ‘The Voice’) was a crazy experience.  I got really lucky.  I was in the right place at the right time.  In 2006 I was on another show called ‘Rockstar: Supernova’ with Tommy Lee and some other rock cats and I got to cut my reality show TV teeth with that one first and make all the mistakes on that show.”

“Do your research on the people that want to throw money at you and see what they really want.  Read those contracts thoroughly.”

“You gotta have thick skin in this industry anyway ‘cause so many people are gonna tell you No and just basically take advantage of you and what’re you gonna do?  Are you just gonna take it and fold?  Or are you gonna just plow forward and see what the next step is?”

“As you travel you get into rooms with fresh ears and people you don’t know who aren’t biased already to like you, so that’s a good way to test your mettle against what you really think of yourself and to see if other people will like you too.”

“If we didn’t have services like (Spotify) – I understand a lot of people’s dilemma and the downfall of some of this streaming and downloading – but if we didn’t have those tools how would people really get music on the opposite side of where you’re based out of?”

Songs on this episode: 

Natalie Gelman
“Heavy Heavy Hearts” (live)
“Long Stemmed Roses” (live)

Josh Logan
“Good Times”