NHTE 177 Mai Tatro

A singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist who released her debut single last year and is currently working toward an EP release. She performs all over central Florida and has gotten radio airplay. Plus, she works with a charity called, “Kids Rock the Nation.” And she has started building a foundation of sponsors. Not covered during the interview but worth noting is that she was also an accomplished figure skater!

Show Quotes: 

“I normally write – I’ll come up with the lyrics and then I’ll try to match up some guitar with it, like really basic guitar, and then figure out melody after that.  So, it’s kind of a little bit all at once but still kind of in stages.”

“If I am going to kind of put myself into a category that someone would be able to identify most closely with – because I’m kind of a bit of a conglomeration of a bunch of different stuff – it would be more of like an alternative indie area.”

“I got (my local) sponsors through really just going out and playing at my gigs and meeting them, ‘cause they’re both also in the same industry.  So, I just met them kind of out and about.”

“They were such a big help in getting me started in my music career…  They had a choreographer, and we all learned how to dance.  And they had a music coach, so we all learned how to sing.  And there was an acting coach, so we all learned how to act.  And we learned all the trade stuff about the industry.”

“I always sang with the radio in the car and I used to play guitar with my grandfather when I was, like, six or seven (years old) just as something to do with him… but I was never, like, ‘Oh I’m gonna do this.  This is going to be what I do,’ until I joined the group, and I joined the group ‘cause I wanted to learn how to dance, and I ended up singing out of it.”

“It’s really cool to get feedback from people and I love constructive criticism but there are a lot of people on the Internet that can be a little harsh.”

“I basically did nothing.  When I put up the video I put a couple tags in the description, which YouTube allows you to do… and I seriously have no idea how I got so many views.  I didn’t buy views, I didn’t share it that much, I didn’t send it to any of my friends – I just posted it and came back to it a couple weeks later and it had this ridiculous amount of views and I kind of freaked out myself about it.”

“Fame is a terrifying thing, especially when you see how people under the limelight are treated by paparazzi and magazines and things like that.  The media absolutely ravages famous people just for being famous, I guess.”

“I love doing my music, but, I don’t want fame to be my end goal.  I want people to be able to enjoy what I do and be able to listen to my music without reading a paparazzi article of me in the magazine the next day.  Fame isn’t as pretty as people think it is.”

Songs on this episode: 

“In A Box”
“Twisted Lover”