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Currently in London, she’s a singer/songwriter who has overcome a significant physical challenge and plays guitar and piano. Her independently released debut EP garnered over two million plays on Spotify and charted at #6 on Billboard’s “Next Big Sound.” She has toured the southeast of the U.S. twice and is #1 on ReverbNation in the Netherlands, and #96 globally. This coming Fall she’ll be attending NYU Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music while simultaneously working on new material. She was also a two-time full-scholarship winner of Berklee College of Music's Summer Performance Program.

Show Quotes: 

“I think everybody kind of has their missing arm, but sometimes it’s not so visible, sometimes it’s not just so apparent.  It’s something that you’re battling with internally.”

“There is no time to waste, in life, feeling sorry for yourself or feeling like you can’t be in control of who you are and what you do.”

“I think when you’re young as an artist – or even just as a human being – you feel like there’s no place for you because there are so many artists – and human beings – but, I think as you get older and with the right people around you you start to learn that you can live in harmony with those people, with the community, and it’s like the more you know the better and the more people you know the better.”

“I would start emailing big shot producers and being like, ‘Hey, I wanna work together,’ at, like, 13 years old.  That was ridiculous.  But, one of every hundred or 200 emails would come through and I’d have a gig… or an interview.”

“I love the way that an audience can really just be absorbed by pure piano and vocals.  I know that when I watch one of my idols or one of the artists I respect I love it to be as stripped down as possible because I’ve heard the album version already, so, when I see them live I want to see where the songs came from when they wrote it in their bedroom or in the attic someplace or in the garden.  I want to see that from them so that’s what I want to create with my live show.”

“I had grown up thinking that the music scene in the UK was so inaccessible and only for the best of the best of the best, and now I’m here and it’s like a family.  Once you meet people in the same circle you basically know everybody and you continue meeting talented people that just want to collaborate and make music together.  It’s an amazing scene.  I’ve never seen anything like it except for maybe New York, but New York is very hectic and I find London to be somewhat more relaxed.”

“I said No a lot to opportunities, to contracts because my parents taught me that it’s okay to force yourself to be patient with the process and let everything come in its own time.”

“Contracts are very scary for young artists who are just excited to get out there and excited to resemble one of their musical influences and it’s very easy to get lost in that and then to find yourself ten years later having seriously regretted signing something in the heat of the moment during the excitement of some guy in sunglasses telling you that they’re going to make you a big star.”

Songs on this episode: 

“City Shoes”
“Not Afraid”