NHTE 6 Ashley E Norton

Just signed to Desert Sol Records and playing at South By Southwest (SXSW) this week in Texas, a Nashville-based singer/songwriter who hosts writers’ nights in Music City but also plays solo, in a duo, and in a band. Her music is on iHeartRadio and Spotify, among others.

Show Quotes: 

“That's why we decided to name our band The Madison Hearts – because it takes a lot of heart to do what we are doing and it all happened on Madison Street.”

“It's easy to look at each other and be, like, ‘Who's going to make it to the top,’ when there is room for all of us if we just work together and hang together and that's what my friends and I do – it’s magical.”

“We were working with a booking agent and he gave us the option, ‘The other band on the bill just bailed, do you still want to do it?’  And we said, ‘Yes, that's what we are here for!’  I'm always going to play a show, regardless.”

“It's really important to remember why we're here and that's because we love music, and how great is it to be in a town with opportunity to do that on a regular basis?  And whatever level you're doing it there is room for so much more and there is so much to come.”

“When you're on the road you're going to have good ones and bad ones.  You got to know when going in (that) you're going to get them (in) all shapes and sizes.”

“It's a tough business.  If you don't love it you shouldn't be in it because you're going to drive yourself crazy.”

“It is easy to say or call it competition but it’s better to look at it like an inspiration.”

Songs on this episode: 

"Sunny Side Up"