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By: Tim Halperin

This week’s guest blog is from Tim Halperin, the guest on Episode 70 of “Now Hear This Entertainment” and one of the top 12 males (out of more than 115 thousand) on Season 10 of “American Idol.”  Although there have been participants on “American Idol,” “The Voice,” and “America’s Got Talent” on NHTE, time and other topics that need to be covered prevent the interviews from getting as in-depth about the experience on those reality shows as Tim gives here, which

By: Marc-Alan Barnette

This week’s guest blog comes from the guest on THE most popular episode in the two-and-a-half year history of “Now Hear This Entertainment.”  (So much so that he was invited to come back on the show for a second appearance.)  He is Nashville-based singer/songwriter Marc-Alan Barnette, who has written more than three thousand songs.  This was originally published on his we

By: Maddy Rodriguez

This week’s guest blog is appropriate because of the recurrence of related topics such as contests – which has come up more than once on “Now Hear This Entertainment” – and your attitude (below being specifically about one of gratitude), which is addressed a lot in Bruce’s Bonus Book Volume 2.  Singer/songwriter Maddy Rodriguez is the writer of the inspirational blog below, which she published on her website last August.  She had been the guest on

By: Ashley E. Norton

The guest blog series continues with one from singer/songwriter Ashley E.

By: Shannon Magrane

As promised last week, today begins a series of guest bloggers.  First up is a piece that was written a little ways back yet still provides a helpful message.  It's by singer/songwriter Shannon Magrane, the guest from way back on Episode 3 of “Now Hear This Entertainment.”  She was a top 12 finisher on “American Idol” in 2012.

Hi Magrane Train!!

By: Bruce Wawrzyniak

Have a rockin 4th of JulyIt’s Independence Day and the 186th day of 2016.  That means we’ve just passed the halfway point of the year.

It’s a day off for many, as families and friends gather for 4th of July parties.  Many businesses are closed in recognition of the national holiday.

By: Bruce Wawrzyniak

Dale Carnegie quoteJohn F. Kennedy once said, “We can’t know where we’re going unless we know where we’ve been.”  There’s an application for that in the music industry too.

By: Bruce Wawrzyniak

SingerWhen you’re out singing somewhere and you talk in between songs, it’s not scripted, right?  Whatever you decide to talk about just comes naturally at that point, right?  So, that same comfort zone should be where you stay throughout your whole performance.

By: Bruce Wawrzyniak

Email newsletter imageIf I started off this week’s blog by saying that there is a lot to do when you’re an independent artist, I’d have to change the byline to Captain Obvious.  We all know that it’s true.  There are a lot of hats to wear.  In all likelihood, you, the indie artist, wish you could say, “The heck with everything else, I just want to perform.”

By: Bruce Wawrzyniak

Web analytics graphicI was logged in recently looking at the data for one of my clients and the sales of that artist’s CDs.  I will save the Spotify opinion for another blog some other day, but am always pleased to at least be able to see such a vast array of distribution that those releases are getting purchases or streams from.