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By: Bruce Wawrzyniak

BeggingI don’t want to get started on the whole “don’t promise a venue that you’ll fill up their place with fans (patrons), knowing full well that you’re not going to bring them any kind of crowd.”  So, this blog is not about that.  While I am, in fact, writing about talking to venues regarding getting booked, it’s a different aspect thereof that I want to shed some light on today.

By: Bruce Wawrzyniak

Raised hand to ask questionI’m picturing a teacher standing at the front of the classroom, writing furiously on the board while also glancing at a document filled with text that’s being projected onto an adjacent screen.  The teacher is talking and so dedicated to and passionate about the subject matter that neither a breath is being taken nor a glance is being made toward the class.  If so, the stude

By: Bruce Wawrzyniak

Professional development word collageYou’re performing regularly, which in itself (“getting the reps”) gives you more experience and helps you to constantly improve and hone your craft, whether singing, playing an instrument, or both.  You’re also writing songs and seeing growth that way too, as the content and the structure improves over time.  And you’re even recording, making sure you

By: Dominick Pages

This week features a guest blog from Dominick Pages, who was the guest on Episode 8 and on Episode 56 of our weekly show, “Now Hear This Entertainment.”  He is the owner of Crystal Blue Sound Studios and also plays and sings in longtime classic rock band Crystal Blue.  Plus, he’s the executive producer of the Web series, “Abbey Rid

By: Bruce Wawrzyniak

Facebook LinkedIn logosOne Sunday morning in church a few years ago a little boy sat next to me while the rest of his family was just across the aisle from him.  While being respectful of the fact that we were in church, there was just enough conversation to make a nice little connection.  Not too long before dismissal he looked up at me and asked, “Do you want to be friends?”  It was very cute.  I

By: Michael Corcoran

This week’s guest blog is fitting for two reasons.  First is because there has been a blog published on this site every week for what will be two years as of the end of next month and they’re always focused around entertainment.  (See the headline above?)  Second is because it’s provided by MusicSubmit, who are the folks that we’ve gotten a good number of guests from  for our weekly show, “Now Hear This Entertainment.”

By: Julie Moriva

This week’s guest blog is from Julie Moriva, a Wisconsin-based singer/songwriter who was the guest on Episode 112 of our weekly show, “Now Hear This Entertainment.”  Since she’s talking a lot about “The Voice,” it seemed fitting to follow up last week’s guest blog by Tim Halperin (on his “American Idol” experiences) with this entry.  The ups-and-downs and

By: Tim Halperin

This week’s guest blog is from Tim Halperin, the guest on Episode 70 of “Now Hear This Entertainment” and one of the top 12 males (out of more than 115 thousand) on Season 10 of “American Idol.”  Although there have been participants on “American Idol,” “The Voice,” and “America’s Got Talent” on NHTE, time and other topics that need to be covered prevent the interviews from getting as in-depth about the experience on those reality shows as Tim gives here, which

By: Marc-Alan Barnette

This week’s guest blog comes from the guest on THE most popular episode in the two-and-a-half year history of “Now Hear This Entertainment.”  (So much so that he was invited to come back on the show for a second appearance.)  He is Nashville-based singer/songwriter Marc-Alan Barnette, who has written more than three thousand songs.  This was originally published on his we

By: Maddy Rodriguez

This week’s guest blog is appropriate because of the recurrence of related topics such as contests – which has come up more than once on “Now Hear This Entertainment” – and your attitude (below being specifically about one of gratitude), which is addressed a lot in Bruce’s Bonus Book Volume 2.  Singer/songwriter Maddy Rodriguez is the writer of the inspirational blog below, which she published on her website last August.  She had been the guest on