NHTE 209 James Kennedy

Songwriter, producer, and performer based in Wales (UK) who has been referred to by BBC Radio 1 as “Warped Genius.” He is also the owner of Konic Records and is in the band Kyshera. He has written and produced three Kyshera albums and three solo albums. He has performed hundreds of shows in many different countries. His latest solo album was a Top 50 Best Seller on Amazon.

Show Quotes: 

"I try to make everything that I express in a song as true to real life as possible."

"We just focused exclusively on direct-to-fan relationships and that seems to be proven to be bearing the best results for us."

"With social media it's kind of not as simple as a lot of musicians think. I think they think that if they just set up an event page on Facebook for a gig, invite their mates to it, and it's gonna take off like wildfire, but it really doesn't.  There's a bit more of an art to it than that and you've gotta work social media just as hard and just as artistically and just as craftfully as you would your live show or your songwriting."

"Some of my biggest accolades have actually come from me not doing a lot!"

"We don't really promote our failures... Those moments of success, as good as they are, they do come and go.  You've got to be ready to weather the storm for those long periods where you don't get anything back."

"It's better to have a good relationship with a few companies that create a product that you actually will use and don't mind using and don't mind telling other people about."

"When you tour you're kind of each other's family as well.  You go through the highs and the lows, so that strengthens your bond."

"That's the benefit of having your own label and running your own, sort of, distribution is that you can just put out whatever you want, when you want, how you want."

"Relentless touring with a rock and roll band can get you down."

"That's the beauty of modern technology, is it does allow the artist - of any format - so much more power and freedom now."

"(the record label he started is) registered as a publishing company in the UK and we've got partnership companies pretty much in every country all over the world now...  We've placed a lot of music in adverts and TV shows... We've worked with, like, SyFy TV in the States, Aria Hotel in Las Vegas."

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