NHTE 207 Joshua Rich

A Washington, DC-based pianist, composer, and vocalist who last August signed a multi-album contract with SRI Jazz. He has worked with Grammy and Oscar-winning composer/performers Marvin Hamlisch and Randy Newman. He has released more than a dozen CDs and his music has been featured in movies and TV shows. Plus, his songs have been performed by stars of “Orange is the New Black” and “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” He has appeared at thousands of venues, including the Kennedy Center.

Show Quotes: 

"I think if you're open and if you're sort of naturally creative and very tuneful... I think songs can come out of a lot of different places."

"I would literally listen to a song, go to the page of the song, and I would teach myself the chords, the theory, everything."

"I do believe that if you have the intention and the commitment, it will come.  But... definitely, it takes work and it takes dedication and focus for sure."

"The movie companies and the TV companies are looking for indie artists.  It's a really good thing for an artist that's up-and-coming to know because the cost for them to... license a song from me is a lot cheaper than from Billy Joel or Elton John or The Beatles, but for me that amount would be great.  It's gonna be a lot more money for me and it's a drop in the bucket for a much more established artist."

"I think that a really great way of getting your music licensed is actually do it on your own... and showcase what it looks like and sounds like and use that when you're sending it to people."

"When you're signed it doesn't end there, it's actually the beginning of all the hard work... It's not some magical thing where you get signed and then that's it."

"You can't really just ever take your foot off the pedal and figure the car will drive itself."

"Pandora isn't necessarily an immediate money maker, but it's definitely one of those much-better-to-be-on-it-than-not."

"What you're worth as an artist is, how many people will come see you, times whatever that ticket costs."

Songs on this episode: 

"Talking to Furniture"
"Come On Over"