NHTE 190 Laura Wright

Las Vegas singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress. She previously released a full-length album and then put out a five-song Christmas EP last December. Now she is working on a new album. She was a semi-finalist on season five of “American Idol.” She does a solo guest entertainer show on a wide variety of cruise lines, performs in Las Vegas with a group called The Moonshiners and also as a guest entertainer in a group called Divas3. Plus she is a featured singer in “Vegas! The Show” at Planet Hollywood.

Show Quotes: 

“For about five-and-a-half/six months I auditioned every single day.  It didn’t matter what the audition was.  I always learned you go to every single audition and you learn from it, you grow from it.  It makes you better at auditioning.  It gives you the confidence to sing in front of anybody, and perform in front of everyone.”

“There were times I waited eight hours just to audition and I got maybe 30 seconds to sing.”

“I always said (that) an iPad will never take over an actual crisp piece of paper.”

“You bond.  It is really like a sisterhood, when you think of groups, like even Destiny’s Child – you have that bond… It has such wonderful, great aspects about it.”

“With your own show it’s nice ‘cause it is about you and you get to really sing and have that one-on-one with the audience.”

“I will say it’s a lot of training and I always say that’s so important… I took acting classes, singing lessons, dance, dance, dance, everything under the sun, and I know that if I didn’t do that – and, in a sense, as we said pay our dues – and work hard, you have to put the work in to get somewhere.”

“Each one of the things that I’ve done is such a highlight and it’s made me the performer that I am and the performer that I want to be.”

“As an entertainer, it is about you and it is about how hard you’ve worked and the time and dedication and the hours, and the lessons, and training that you’ve put in.”

Songs on this episode: 

“Here We Go”