NHTE 35 Frankie Scinta

A longtime headliner in Las Vegas, including at two casinos on ‘the strip,’ he sings and plays many instruments from piano to banjo. He talks about Wayne Newton and others coming to see the show, getting his start at a former NFL player’s sports bar, performing on cruise ships, the element of improv, advice for young entertainers, working alongside his brother every night, and a deep respect for those who made Las Vegas what it is today.

Show Quotes: 

“I just live to go full cantor for 90 minutes and give everything I’ve got.”

“When things are given fast to this world, when a kid goes from sitting on a corner with his friends to mega-stardom, they tend to take it for granted.”

“You gotta be on top of your game every night ‘cause, people, when they’re paying to see you, you can’t have a bad night.”

“Most acts here in Vegas four-wall, which means you buy the showroom, and you do your own ads, you do your own publicity, you do everything.  And then, you get the ticket sales.”

“We were Don Rickles with musical ability, and we still are to this day.”

“We are always looking for something new.  Like, in our show, now there’s Bruno Mars, there’s Avicii, there’s Coldplay, along with the Dean Martin thing, and the Tom Jones.”

“The reason I continue to do the iconic performers in my show is because that is what Vegas was built on.”

“All those Cirque shows are wonderful, (but) it was not one of them that made Las Vegas the entertainment capital of the world.”

“Longevity is the key to this business, ‘cause it’s great when you’re 16 to 19 to 21 years old and you’re playing places and you’re playing one kind of music and you’re locked into it and you think you’re the big cheese on the block.  Well let me tell you something, youth goes away and then there’s somebody younger than you that steps into your spot.  When you have experience and you’re rehearsed and you’re versatile, whether it’s country whether it’s today’s music, whether it’s rhythm and blues, no matter what the style is, try to be diverse and always keep your eyes and ears open to learn something new.”

“Nobody really does what we do anymore, and that’s not a bragging statement it’s just true.”

“No, this town wouldn’t even be (had the Frank Sinatras and the Dean Martins not come first)… These were guys who were doing movies.  They came to Vegas and did seven nights a week, five shows a day.  And that is what made Vegas.”

“I’m sure it’s a chore for my brother to work with me ‘cause I’m crazy.  I’m Joe Pesci when it comes to certain things.”

“If you love what you do, don’t ever lose sight of the goal.  Look straight ahead, don’t slow down, don’t look right or left, just keep focused.”

“The great moments in my life are moments like when Bill Medley came to see us and took the stage.  Tony Orlando.  Engelbert Humperdinck.  There’s been so many I don’t want to leave anybody out.”

“There’s nothing like being a headliner in Las Vegas, baby.  Nothing.”