NHTE 9 Melissa Brethauer

The 24-year old singer/songwriter talks about playing on the Las Vegas 'strip' at age 21, plus, performing in front of John Legend and John Rich, as well as her songwriting craft, her upcoming album, plus moving to a major music market.

Show Quotes: 

“I think we need more up-and-coming songwriters to take part in festivals like that because we are the future generation of music and the way the festivals have been going doesn't seem like they're bring enough younger songwriters.”

“The way I look at art is it's all the same you just use different mediums to paint the picture on the canvas.  With music I'm painting the picture with the guitar, piano… when I'm actually painting, it's all, I think, connected and I think there are so many benefits of art and it needs more support.”

“The best thing with songwriting that I've taken away from the festivals that I've attended is that songwriting doesn't always have to come from a strictly emotional place.  It doesn't have to be random timing.  You have to make time for it and challenge yourself to do it, whether or not you are feeling all caught up in the moment.”

“For me the challenge is, I'm going to draw inspiration from one out of the next two or three movies I see, or articles, books or stories I hear about.”

“That's how I try to look at songwriting, as, ‘You know what?  I'm not going to just finish something halfway.  Even if it’s just terrible I need to just try to do something and just finish it.'”

“I think everyone should be open-minded to all different types of music and try to immerse into as much of it as you can because it's just going to help you grow in the end.”

Songs on this episode: 

"Win the Fight"