NHTE 78 Mike E. Winfield

He has been on NBC’s “The Office,” plus “The Late Show with David Letterman,” Comedy Central, Showtime, MTV2, “The Arsenio Hall Show,” and much more. He is working on a one-hour special to be filmed and talks about possible distribution of it, plus he touches on a movie he will be in, as well as getting started in comedy (himself and advice for others). Mike also talks about his office when he’s on the road as well as what he listens for in reviewing his own performances.

Show Quotes: 

“I take pride in writing a joke like I bet musicians feel with writing some music.  It’s such a pride.  It’s such a good feeling when you put the pen to the paper and then people across the country relate to the stuff you’re saying.  It makes the world not as big as it appears.”

“I’m all on finding what you feel you’re meant to do and pursuing it, and don’t worry about the money, it’ll come.”

“The training in comedy is, just being in front of people as much as you can.”

“Guys don’t know what ‘killin’ it’ is for a long time.  You have to really study comedy to know.  Ya’ know, there’s flukes, and things can happen.  But killing it is like, you’re having an impact on people.  People want to reach out and see you again.”

“My advice is, if you’re thinking about it, stop being a chump.  Do it!  Stop writing forever and saying, ‘I’ve got a lot of great stuff in my book.  I’ve always wanted to try it.’  No, do it!  Go somewhere!  Stop putting brakes on yourself because you’re never going to know how it feels.  You might not like it!  Or you might love it.  But you’re not going to know unless you get up.”

“Acting classes never end.  So, you can take one, but that’s not enough, to get to the talent of these DiCaprios and these Denzel Washingtons and guys who are really skillful.  It’s just like comedy, it’s an art form that takes work.”

(regarding listening back to recordings of his own shows)  “I’m just listening (for) how to make my ideas stronger.  There’s jokes that’ll get a laugh, but it’s like, ‘Okay, I know that’s funny.’  So maybe I’ve got to turn some words around and flip it so it can really get to the point ‘cause I’m not getting to the point the way I’m trying to.”

“After countless performances you build this confidence that everything’s easy.”

“Being a fan of (‘The Office’) is wild too ‘cause I’m a fan of the show, and then I’m there, so then it becomes surreal.”