NHTE 50 Lindsay Bruce

A 2014 participant on “The Voice” who also got to sing with Keith Urban during one of his concerts, this singer/songwriter just released an EP last month and splits her time between the San Francisco area and Nashville. She also talks about being interviewed by MLB.com and plans she’s laying out for 2015, plus, of course, working with both Shakira and Miranda Lambert, and more.

Show Quotes: 

“When you put so much in, the lyrics mean so much to you.  I think it’s like the biggest compliment to be noticed for your writing, at least in my case, that’s how I feel.”

“To look back on (being on “The Voice”), I probably appreciate it now more than ever.”

“One thing I appreciated was the fact that I had been in Nashville two-and-a-half years before ‘The Voice’ happened, so by the time I actually was there I was so thankful for the opportunity and I realized how hard it is to get breaks at any level.”

“When you love something you just keep doing it anyways and you just have to have some kind of optimism or blind faith that it’s gonna work out however it’s supposed to.”

“When it comes to artistic things and you’re sharing your songs and all of that, it helps to just have this attitude of, like, if you love it, just love it, and kind of own that and not care so much what everyone else is gonna say ‘cause it’s weird how just that attitude can make people interested in what you’re doing.”

“Just meeting (Miranda Lambert), and, she was very encouraging and all that, and that, somehow, that did a lot for me, just, I guess inspiring me, even though it wasn’t specific advice.”

“One thing I would tell anybody going (to Nashville) is be prepared to be canceled on a lot… Everybody, I think, is trying to figure out, especially now, how to make money, with music, and it’s, with streaming and everything, I think it’s just kind of a new time and as soon as a bigger meeting comes up, it’s like a domino effect almost where it’s like, people are going to move you around and you’ll move someone… So you can’t take it too personally and you have to be persistent… I think it does help if you have some kind of timeline.”

“It’s also very hard to be in a competitive environment when there’s other people doing the same thing and to remain actually, truly supportive and refer them for things and try to be happy for them.”

“I see myself as being definitely, first and foremost, a songwriter.  Now, I’m starting to see myself more as a singer… and a guitar player last.”

Songs on this episode: 

"Drive of My Life"
"Fool's Gold"