NHTE 46 Alayna

The “Most Promising Female Songwriter 2013” as awarded by Tennessee Songwriters Association International talks about performing online, using crowdfunding, embracing marketing and social media, giving away songs for free, her two songs played during this episode, leaving Pennsylvania for Nashville, and more.

Show Quotes: 

“You just never know what’s gonna happen in a co-writing session…the chemistry, you don’t know, especially with writing with someone for the first time you’re not sure how it’s gonna go and if their style is gonna match yours.”

“A lot of times it takes me a couple sessions to finish a song.  If I’m writing the song by myself then I like to take my time on it.  It might take me a couple weeks and I work on it every day.”

“It all comes down to being able to set aside your pride and your ego and being able to recognize a really great song.”

“I really wanna let people into my life and I wanna get to know them and I want them to be part of what I’m doing and know the reasons why I’m doing it.”

“I think a lot of things for me just clicked earlier this year and after watching some people and what they do I became inspired.”

“I think a lot of artists, and myself included, we want to have a lot of (Twitter) followers, but we don’t want to be following a lot of people… When you change your mentality of actually following other people, then everything changes.”

Songs on this episode: 

"Break it Down"
"Crime Scene"