NHTE 185 Rose Cora Perry

A Canadian singer, songwriter, and guitar player who was interviewed on-location in Nashville at the Summer NAMM Show, she is also a photography model and hosted two popular TV programs up in her hometown. Last year she released a solo album, but also formed a high energy powerhouse duo. This year she was named the #1 Rock Artist for her area by ReverbNation. She even had a starring role in a theatre production of “Legally Blonde” and also published a blog that achieved worldwide syndication.

Show Quotes: 

“I actually worked on this album for about four years before I decided to release it, which I know is very atypical anymore because we kind of live in that bigger, better, faster, more, more, more mentality in terms of things being out constantly and everything getting – that’s new – getting old real old real quickly.”

“I really don’t feel that inspiration in any way, shape, or form should ever be forced.  If you want it to be authentic, it comes when it’s ready.”

“My listeners are going to get better quality overall because I really took my time to ensure that only my best material at that time in my life was on that album – a true reflection of how I’ve grown artistically.”

“I really like to be inspired by real life events.  I like to be authentic with my songwriting and all of my self-expression, whether that’s talking about music videos or writing songs or how I present myself on-stage, it’s a piece of me, it’s a piece of who I am and I’m giving that to the world.”

“Music… is so awesome.  What I consider it to be is a universal language.  So, two people that have absolutely nothing in common could be listening to the exact same song, and the song could actually be in a different language – but you can feel it.  You can feel the emotion that is in that music.  You can be compelled by the emotion that’s in that music.”

“I know we live in the age of multi-tasking but the reality is that if your energy is scattered across many tasks you’ll do a half-assed job on all of them.”

“I got really, really upset about hearing about these overnight success stories because that’s not reality – certainly not for an independent Canadian homegrown talent.  That’s just not how it works.”

“The worst that they can is say No and that’s kind of the attitude you have to have in anything entertainment-wise – the worst they can say is No – but if you don’t actually try, you don’t show up for that audition… you’re never gonna know.”

“It’s one thing to grab the energy from the audience, ya’ know have a good show and be interacting and having fun with those people but it’s another thing to be up there and turn around and see somebody on that same team as you and be rocking with you and having a great time and just being in that zone.  And I really, really missed that a lot. It was hard to tour on my own, I won’t lie.”

“Never stop.  If there’s something you want, go after it.  And if you want to get attention, be consistent.  Always have something out there to promote, to keep in people’s faces.  There’s so much competition, especially in the age of social media and YouTube, you need to constantly be putting something out there and keeping people engaged and not letting them forget about you.”

“Build and maintain relationships because you never know how things are going to turn out in the future.  You never know who knows who and how one connection – and that might seem completely innocuous at the time – will turn into a life-changing experience later on.”

Songs on this episode: 

“Away I Go”