NHTE 155 Halie Loren

A singer/songwriter who has released eight albums, the last of which was featured on the Grammy ballot. Her music has found success internationally, with her first jazz CD being in the Top 5 on Amazon Japan’s jazz chart, along with the likes of releases by Norah Jones and Diana Krall. Also outside the U.S., she is scheduled to perform in March in Haiti. She is also the host of a new TV music series.

Show Quotes: 

“I tour a lot more than I have time to make music videos… I really hope that 2017 is my year to realize a little bit more of that kind of creative work.”

“I’ve performed as a duo.  I’ve performed as a trio, as well as a quartet and quintet, and even bigger bands when it’s feasible… I’ve performed with a full orchestra several times, a symphony orchestra, so, I’ve performed with as many as, I think it’s, 80.”

“My core band is the same group of people that I’ve been playing with for years… that’s a lot of being on the road together and symbiotic musicianship development… and it’s great to be able to know each other’s musicality so well that it’s so natural.”

“One of the wonderful things that always comes of all these travels is the growing realization of just how universally loved music is and how it can bridge any kind of divide between cultures, between languages – it’s a great unifier.”

“Why not do something that really speaks to my heart and feeds my musical soul?  When something comes along that I feel passionate enough about to want to just dedicate hours and hours and hours of time and life force to, as an artist that’s what I crave.”

“Through their own art form of creating these fan videos, they’re saying something themselves.”

“That’s the power of being in the studio and allowing inspiration to shape you as much as you shape it.  As an artist that’s – for me that’s – half the journey of that, it’s the beauty of it, is allowing it to flux and to shift when things appear, idea-wise, to allow yourself to utilize those moments of inspiration.”

Songs on this episode: 

"A Woman's Way"
"Yellow Bird"