NHTE 145 Russell Foisy with Kham Loraamm

A singer/songwriter who performs in a duo and brought his duo partner with him for this interview. The former just completed recording his newest project and he is currently ranked number two on ReverbNation for his area. His colleague, a multi-instrumentalist, is in the process of recording an EP (his second). They recorded this interview the day before the release party for Foisy’s new CD.

Show Quotes: 

“I’ll break down chorus, verse, and bridge, and I don’t think I’ll ever finish a song that same day.”

(On having eleven songs on his new album but doing different genres) “I like a combination of rock and then I like to slow it down and do some acoustic ballads… and then I wanted to do something country to kind of test the waters there.”

“I’ve probably written over a hundred songs to-date… There’s usually two categories that I write about – current events and… emotion.”

“I think we are recording artists first, and we play out once in a while.”

“What’s cool about recording is once you put your songs out there to Internet radio and FM radio, it stands the test of time.”

(Kham) “Russell’s got a, just a great attitude about making music and wanting to make music.  I think that kinda gave me a little kick to get going as well.”

“The people I have met through social media and in person has been mainly been because of these projects.  And it has been special – very special.”

“We get that question a lot – ‘Why don’t you record as a band or a band name?’ – and I think that’s the main reason; let’s market our names, let’s get our names out there so people are familiar.”

Songs on this episode: 

"Survival on the Street"