We are pleased to present the following (as well as the testimonials below this list):I

  • First and foremost is what sets us apart.  When you book talent through Now Hear This, we will be very hands-on, all the way to likely being on-site at the event/occasion you book talent through us for.
  • Venues respond better to an agency than to an individual promotiong themselves.
  • Too many others are out there providing these services just for a paycheck, not because they care.  Our genuine approach lends itself to personal relationships with those that we serve.

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  • NHT is able to accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover Card payments (minor processing fee may apply).

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  • Our pledge is to only take on entertainers we believe in - thus ensuring a good reputation for Now Hear This so that others will want to work with us and our clients - and to not take on more clients than we can handle.  We're about quality, not quantity.