NHTE 196 Chad Cromwell

Drummer on the current Joe Walsh tour. His career has included similar work with the likes of Neil Young and Mark Knopfler. Plus he has played with the likes of Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, Peter Frampton, Lady Antebellum, and many, many more. He has even been nominated for the Academy of Country Music Award for Drummer of the Year. He also does work as a producer.

Show Quotes: 

"The heritage of (Memphis) and its music is second to none, really."

"The music that's born out of adversity is usually impactful."

"The first tour I did with (Mark Knopfler)... we did 13 shows in a row before we had a day off.  I've never done that ever before."

"(double drumming) is horrific if it's not a good combination of players - guys that interpret things differently, it can really be bad."

"We accidentally met up at a studio in Memphis where (Joe Walsh) was hangin' out and I got invited to jam."

"I went to Dallas and... they handed me a giant pile of show tapes and sent me to my hotel room and just said, 'Start learning this music'."

"Probably one of the best things that I learned that is a direct tie-in to my (success)... I learned the greatest lesson I could've ever learned as a musician and that was... not how to be a better drummer drummer kind of guy, they taught me how to play songs - they taught me how to make a living in the music industry and they specifically said to me, 'If you wanna know how to make a living doing this...' and they taught me the value of simplicity and they taught me the value of paying attention to the song and what the song was... all about and how to translate in drummer's terms the foundation of those songs.  I couldn't have gotten a better education."

"I also know what my comfort zone is as a musician and I'm not going to put myself outside of that."

"If I got too self-indulgent about my craft, I was going to lose clients."

"Any player that wants to do this, they've gotta follow their own path.  They've gotta follow what their vision is for the music they wanna do."

"Very few of us pick what we wanna do and then just go do it as if it were nothing, there were no price for getting to that goal.  There's a price.  There's a heavy price we all have to pay.  So just be sure that the path you're on is the one you really wanna be on."

"If you're performing live, then you've got one swing at it."

"With any kind of live show I don't think of it, like, as a set list of 15 songs, I see it as one song - the whole show...  It's just one song.  It's a breathing, living event that occurs for an hour-and-a-half or two-and-a-half hours or whatever it is.  So that's it, one shot."