NHTE 171 Heather Jeanette

A singer/songwriter who just released a new single, she plays guitar and piano. Her songwriting and production credits include Selena Gomez, Kelly Clarkson, and Jason Derulo, among others. She is signed to a publishing deal and has also been a performer and co-writer on music heard on A&E Television’s “Born This Way.” Among other topics, she talks about recording in Nashville despite living in Los Angeles, and a new music video that she’ll be shooting this month.

Show Quotes: 

“I sort of always have started my songs out on guitar or piano.  It’s always been organic.”

(living in L.A.) “You’re definitely a small fish in a big pond and you definitely have to really step up your work game and make connections and constantly be looking for opportunities.  The opportunities definitely don’t come to you anywhere you go.”

“It definitely gives me a little credit to be able to get into sessions and take meetings with people and get your foot kind of in the door, but, I definitely feel like it’s still, ya’ know, once the song comes out it’s kind of like, okay, you’ve gotta still keep hustling, it’s not like you can stop.”

“I figured I need to be in the real world and experience music, and if I don’t get tomatoes thrown at me then I’m doing pretty good!”

“You have a better chance (of getting a song placed) on TV than, like, there’s twelve spots on Selena Gomez’s album and… she only puts one out probably one every one or two years?”

Songs on this episode: 

“Only You”