NHTE 2 Alyssa Jacey

Nashville-based singer/songwriter who has opened for Bruno Mars and was nominated for “Best Live Country Performer” in the 2013 Nashville Independent Music Awards.

Show Quotes: 

"I'm forcing myself into something that I've never done before and I know I'm going to make it work!"

“It's never been about getting famous, it's just about working hard and where is that going to lead me.”

“All I've known is to follow my heart.”

“Being successful for me...the number one thing is not slacking off.”

“Time management-wise I look at what I am excelling in and what needs a little bit of help.”

“My definition of success is constantly pushing myself.”

“I have learned that I am not a radio writer...my number one goal is to get my music on a TV show, commercial or movies.”

“Do not (find) yourself saying ‘I am better than that venue,’ or ‘That venue is too little.’”

“Don't bad mouth people on Facebook...it will get back to them.”

“Work on your stage presence.”

Songs on this episode: 

"The Light"
"Drowning Me"