NHTE 157 Laura Dickinson AND Phantasmic Ghost Hunters

Laura Dickinson performed and then was immediately interviewed, and the Phantasmic Ghost Hunters sat down for a Q&A as well during the Winter 2017 NAMM show in California. Laura Dickinson has three songs on the Grammy ballot this year, has been working with Michael Bublé, has opened for Tony Bennett and Lyle Lovett, and has done work on the films “Rogue One” and “Sing.” She has worked for eleven years with Disney TV Animation, including on “Phineas and Ferb.” The Phantasmic Ghost Hunters, Gavin Kelly and Paula Purcell, were until now seen on YouTube, but have just signed an exclusive deal with Amazon. They investigate the most haunted, abandoned asylums, sanitariums, and mental hospitals. They have also released an app called the PGH Tracker to see ghosts and photos.

Show Quotes: 


“The pressure is still on in the same way, no matter who’s on stage with you or not.”

“I won’t do any spoilers about the movie, but the parts where we sing are awesome.  I have it as my ringtone on my phone.  It’s very threatening when people call.”

“Phineas and Ferb was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  It was a very magical show.  And, it put me on the map… I’ve had so many other wonderful opportunities come about because of that show and I’m very, very grateful for it.”

“I just show up and do what I’m told and I feel lucky.”


“The reason why we chose Amazon is because we could’ve went with SciFi or Travel Channel, but those are only based in a certain area, where Amazon gives us distribution for nationwide and worldwide all at once.”

“We got EVPs – which is, Electronic Voice Phenomenon – of a voice saying, ‘Leave me alone’ and ‘Get out,’ and we captured an apparition of a little boy on the viewfinder of my video camera.”

“If 50 people on 50 different occasions went to this location and saw this haunted phenomenon and it’s the same story or it’s a similar story but it happened in this room instead of that room, then that’s when we think, ‘Okay, there is something there that we might need to check out.’”

“Hollywood has basically destroyed it for a lot of paranormal investigators.”

Songs on this episode: 

Laura Dickinson
“Avalon” (live)
“You’re Getting to Be a Habit with Me” (live)