NHTE 189 William Crighton

An Australian singer/songwriter who is currently recording his second record for Universal Music, working with producer Matt Sherrod. Last October, Rolling Stone said he, “breathes fresh and strikingly vivid life into the umbrous bush of traditional Australian balladry.” This year he has performed on both coasts of Canada and put out a 7-inch vinyl release and digital single. He has also performed with The Beach Boys and The Temptations.

Show Quotes: 

“I think it’s essential that we do, as human beings, as we grow, is to question our fundamental beliefs and how did we come to form them because otherwise we just keep meandering through life not questioning anything.”

“I never sit down and say, ‘Alright, I need a song, I need to sit down and write’ … I need to be called by that song to write it.”

“I feel like there’s no difference between putting my bare feet on the earth here in America as there is when I put feet on the earth in Australia.”

“It’s hard to make a living (in Australia) if you’re just out there bashing away making albums and putting it out there but if you can inspire some folks and people actually take an interest and take it to heart, what you’re saying, then they’ll come out and support you.”

“Just do what you feel comes naturally to you.  Don’t try to tick boxes for the sake of ticking them.  Just play the music you want to play and at some point throughout your life you move through life at least you’ll be happy if you’re doing the stuff that you want to do.  You might not always have all the money that you need… but I’ve found if you stay true and you do what you need to do with music then you’ll get by.”

“Song is so important and this communication is so important because it is us, it is the human experience, it is what we are here doing.  It goes far beyond the instruments we use to record or whatever we’re doing.  It goes far deeper than that.”

Songs on this episode: 

“Jesus Blues”
“Talking to God”