NHTE 184 Derek Norsworthy

A Mississippi-based singer, songwriter, and guitar player who was interviewed on-location in Nashville at the Summer NAMM Show, he has opened for major acts including Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, Eric Church, Thompson Square, Brantley Gilbert, Charlie Daniels, 3 Doors Down, and Alabama. He has penned numerous film scores, including on PBS and the CW Television Network. Plus, he had a song featured on a Netflix original series. He is a USO Ambassador Representative and is the founder of the Roots Foundation. He has been working with Grammy award winning producer Skidd Mills towards a new EP.

Show Quotes: 

“If you can go through and give your listeners a little piece of everything that you are, well then they know who you are as a whole.  And I think in any form of art or business, when you get to know people that just builds for better relationships for the future.”

“Our only way to reach people is through music.  As much as we’d love to shake hands and conversate with every person, our music is our conversation with the fans.”

“Then you get a (opening act) date with, like, Blake (Shelton) or somebody and again, it’s an honor, it’s a blessing to be there and then you get to size up, ya’ know, if you want to be where Blake Shelton’s at, here’s what you’re up against.”

“You’ve gotta be looking way beyond your hometown.  You gotta be looking for gaps in the system.  That’s what I do.  I’ll look for gaps with these major guys where they don’t have a supporting act and that’s what I target.  And then I’ll build shows around that to get me there and get me back home.”

“I had a show on a Thursday night, three hours away.  So, I get the trailer, we leave from school, we go to the show, we play, drive back, I’ve got class at 8am, slept in the parking lot until, like, 6am.”

Songs on this episode: 

“Raised By the Radio”