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There is also a segment called "Bruce's Bonus" in the middle of each episode, where Wawrzyniak "takes off (his) hat as podcast host and puts on (his) hat as president of Now Hear This, Inc., giving a helpful tip for the listeners that are musicians, singers, songwriters - entertainers who are out there, trying hard to make a go of it."

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The Founder of Instruments of Change, which aims to profoundly impact the lives of disadvantaged children through the gifts of musical instrument donation. They have also done events that have featured some of the artists that have been interviewed on our show. An entrepreneur, Glen, himself, plays guitar and piano and a number of other instruments, albeit recreationally.

A member of the rock, alternative, indie, British-American band The Killing Floor, playing bass and providing lead vocals. The band last month released a four-song EP entitled, “Tongue Tied,” having previously done a full, 11-song, self-titled album prior to that. The band showcased at this year’s SXSW and also played in Las Vegas for the Vans Warped Tour. They will perform at Indie Week Europe in Manchester, UK, in October as winners of Indie Week Canada, where they received First Place Best Band honors at the Toronto festival. The band shot their first music video with legendary Hollywood director Joel Schumacher, for a song that was featured in MTV programs.

A country singer who has won several independent music awards including "Independent Music Artist of The Year," "Female Vocalist of The Year," and "Entertainer of The Year." She has released a couple singles this year and has a new album in the works. She also released a new video a few months ago too.

Having finished fifth on “The Voice” this year (Season 10), she then made her Grand Ole Opry debut two weeks later. A singer, songwriter, and guitar player, she put out an album in 2014 called “Bridges,” featuring performances with some of the biggest names in the business, and then followed it up with an eight-song release last year. She had actually released her first album at age 14 and is now working on material for another new album.

Born in England, she went to New York on vacation and never went home, later moving to California before settling in Arizona, where she now resides and does theater in addition to her music. She was the International Music and Entertainment Association’s 2015 Folk Artist of the Year, had their Folk Album of the Year the previous year, and earned three other notable awards in 2015. Among other topics, she discusses how one of her music videos got shown at the New York City Independent Film Festival and other similar events.

This newlywed from Pueblo, Colorado, grew up in California and then spent his teen years in New Mexico, where his father is a prominent musician. Dylan is a distant cousin of Maybelle Addington Carter, mother-in-law of Johnny Cash. A singer, songwriter, guitar player, Dylan is getting radio airplay and recently had the number 1 song on SoundCloud’s New and Hot charts for Folk and Singer-Songwriter music. Following a five-year hiatus he has emerged – in May – with his new album, called, “Lost My Way,” has started a record label, and is already working on a new album.

Born in Scotland, lived in Canada, now resides in Austria, but also lived in Spain and has spent time in the Ukraine. This singer, songwriter, and guitar player released his 12th album this May, plus he has written lyrics and music for numerous other releases. He creates music that spans numerous genres, from rock to Cajun to Celtic to blues and even folk. In addition to there in Austria, he still does perform in Canada and has been in music for approximately 35 years.

A singer/songwriter who, at 19 years old, has already signed with InPlay Records and is currently working on new music. Originally from Houston but now in Nashville, she actually released her first album when she was 14 years old and had been on a national Disney Channel commercial when she was 12. She opened for Kidz Bop at the House of Blues in Dallas and Houston and at age 14 was nominated for Pop Artist of the Year at the Los Angeles Music Awards AND filmed her first music video out there at an old home of Marilyn Monroe’s.

A Christian singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist whose new album was just released at the end of May and was backed by a successful Kickstarter campaign. In just the first month of being on YouTube, a video for one of the songs from that album got close to 16 thousand views. Based in Texas, south of Houston, he used to play in a secular band that toured the U.S. and opened for Lifehouse and Creed, among others. He talks about having successfully overcome addictions, depression, and mental illness.

The author of the book “The Insights Collection – Insights From the Engine Room,” he now resides in Florida but worked for many, many years in the UK, with clients that ranged from REM to The Police to Bob Marley, Matchbox Twenty, Elvis Costello, and Peter Gabriel, among many others. His career spanned more than 30 years and even included being asked to serve as the publicist for David Bowie’s “Earthling” tour. He inspires audiences all over the world as a speaker.