The theme of late for Now Hear This President Bruce Wawrzyniak seems to be ‘on the go.’  In addition to meetings and events in and around the greater Tampa Bay area, he has been and will continue to be on the road.

Ella Chadwell is the latest addition to the Now Hear This client roster.  A jazz vocalist with a sound reminiscent of standards, she has been performing in the greater Tampa Bay area, but is looking to NHT for a greater reach.

Although she did release a gospel CD many years ago, Chadwell’s second effort was a jazz CD, and she is currently planning her third recording project, which will also be jazz.

Nashville, Tennessee-based Ash Street Music has signed on with Now Hear This for marketing efforts on behalf of the music publishing company.  The initial phase of the work involved will focus on a complete re-branding campaign that NHT proposed.

An “Emerging Songwriters Hour” will feature three age 23-and-under artists at the 4th Pensacola Beach Songwriters Festival, taking place in the Florida panhandle in early October.  To be held on Friday night, October 5th at 7pm on the stage at the Paradise Inn, the 60-minute spotlight will include Melissa Brethauer, Jourdan Pace, and Courtney Yovich.  The one-hour feature will be presented by Now Hear This.

The current and prospective client and event list is surrounded with excitement.  Similarly, Now Hear This is encouraging all of those entities to reach deep and take advantage of the opportunity that is before them – and those that, by doing so, will manifest themselves.

A raffle grand prize has been turned into a benefit for Now Hear This clients.

While attending the Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival in Alabama, Now Hear This President Bruce Wawrzyniak bought tickets for and was the eventual winner of an acoustic guitar being raffled off over the course of the event.  The real winners, however, are current and future NHT clients.

The NHT president said, “I’d never played guitar, but I will now.  Honestly I must say that it seems logical and probably was inevitable.”

Recording artist/singer-songwriter Vickie Raye is now being booked by Now Hear This.  The announcement adds to the client roster a versatile and talented music veteran with highly impressive credentials.

Now Hear This President Bruce Wawrzyniak enthusiastically stated, “This is an extremely exciting development.  I am most grateful and very much looking forward to the opportunity to work with Vickie to keep her and her music out in the public conscience.”

Raye already has radio airplay and her performance background shows why she deserves where she is today.

For the benefit of both our clients as well as the potential host sites where they may be playing, Now Hear This is launching its own YouTube channel.

A soft launch had recently taken place of and now Bruce Wawrzyniak, the Now Hear This president, has said – incorporating his company’s name – that it’s time for people to “hear (about) this.”

Having secured opportunities in two major entertainment cities, Now Hear This President Bruce Wawrzyniak was on both trips and since returning the momentum has continued with the signing of another new client.

The calendar change is fitting because Now Hear This itself has also been undergoing a transformation.  The good news is that these are all progressive developments that represent advancements from not only a year ago, but from when the company was founded almost seven years ago.

The new year comes in with new Now Hear This clients, notably Tony Caruso as well as a duo called Aurora.  Enthusiasm abounds both from our side and theirs for promotion of their talents.