The Now Hear This Entertainment podcast has been well received by its listeners and guests, and now carriers are starting to notice too.  Effective immediately the weekly show is now available on Stitcher Radio.

Fans can be entertained by and developing performers can learn from a weekly podcast that Now Hear This launched today.

Now Hear This is proud of singer/songwriter client Melissa Brethauer and the year that has been 2013.  Based in Georgia, the 24-year old, fittingly, will close out what has been her busiest year in music by performing at the Grand Hyatt in Atlanta on New Year’s Eve.

While the primary focus of Now Hear This is always on live entertainment (predominantly music, with the exception of some specialty acts), the foundation upon which the company was built has allowed for service to non-music clients too.

With another specialty act getting added to the list and “our extended network” continually coming up in conversations, a spotlight is long overdue on exactly who and what those options are when it comes to booking talent through Now Hear This.

While the main focus is on music, live entertainment can take on a different meaning when securing someone through us for a venue or an upcoming event.

Rubilena (Ruby) Rojas, who played for Venezuela at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, is the newest addition to the Now Hear This client roster, it was announced today.

Still active on her native country’s women’s national fast pitch softball team, Rojas has gained on- and off-field attention globally.

As such, Now Hear This will not only undertake a Web presence and video work on her behalf, but branding and the pursuit of corporate sponsors and speaking opportunities as well as media placements and other commercial endeavors.

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- The Sheagles, an all-female Eagles cover band, will now be booked for live shows by Now Hear This.  The announcement comes at the conclusion of a trip to Music City by NHT President Bruce Wawrzyniak.

We are pleased to welcome you to the new Internet home for Now Hear This, expanded and with new features.

“This is a very exciting time for Now Hear This,” said Bruce Wawrzyniak, the company’s president.  “We’ve got some new clients, we’re well into a new year, and, we were certainly overdue for a new website.

“I like the look and feel of what we’re showing now as well as the functionality of it.”

Singer/songwriter Sara Stearman is the newest artist to come under the Now Hear This umbrella.  Effective immediately, management, promotions, and booking services are underway on her behalf.

“After having met with her and continued our dialogue about working together, I’m pleased to see this become official,” NHT President Bruce Wawrzyniak said.  “In getting to know about Sara, she has certainly accomplished quite a bit already in her young career.  Our goal, of course, is to build from that and help in growing where she is headed musically.”

Chuck Sull is the newest addition signed to the Now Hear This client roster.  As a result of his skills, he forces NHT to drop the second word in the “Promoting Vocal Talent” company tagline when it comes to efforts on his behalf.

A longtime resident of the greater Tampa Bay area, he is a 12-string acoustic guitar player.