Why They Get the Gigs and You Don’t

By: Bruce Wawrzyniak

Musician laying in back seat of car with feet upEverybody wants to know the secret.  The question is always, ‘What is the key to getting the opportunities?’  There is a widely held belief that there is one something that will unlock the door to all of the successes that you dream of.  Naturally, the response always is, ‘Wouldn’t we all be doing it if it only took one (behavior, possession, piece of knowledge, etc.)?’

I have written a blog here every Monday for over three years now.  My opinions, insights, advice – it’s all based on my years of experience.  I always aim to cite firsthand experiences that these views are derived from.  When I write about good old fashioned hard work, it’s because I’ve seen it pay off and because there is no one something that is going to make you an overnight success.

All that being said?  Get back to people!

Have I written about this before?  Probably.  Will I do a blog about it again some other time down the road?  Unfortunately, I probably will.

When you wonder why others are getting the opportunities and you’re not, do an honest self-audit and answer the question of are you responding to people – and doing so in a timely manner.


1.    It has now been four-and-a-half weeks since I contacted a performer about a potential corporate booking for early next year.  Wow.  Those are the type that you salivate over.  It’s not a 60-minute low paying opportunity that makes you wish you were in another line of work.  However, here I sit, still with no firm information from the performer to present to the planner that’s inquiring.  Several phone messages, texts, and emails later, it has been a battle to restrain myself to move on to someone else – as the overwhelming majority of people in my position would’ve done weeks ago.  The moral of this story?  Already my opinion is, Will this carefree approach be how you are the night of the event, if we land the booking?  If you’re not timely in getting back to me, will you be punctual the night of the event?  Don’t wait by the phone for future bookings from me, that’s for sure.
2.    Someone who I spoke face-to-face with and had an interview for “Now Hear This Entertainment” lined up with had to postpone, so now I’ve been chasing this potential guest trying to reschedule it.  I even just saw an announcement about a mini-tour coming up, making the timing perfect to come on NHTE to talk about that (among other topics).  Crickets.  With the sea of hungry performers out there who would love the exposure, why would you think I will continue to pursue setting this up?
3.    I requested materials from a performer probably two or three weeks ago.  My email inbox is starting to get cobwebs as it relates to anything finally coming in.  While others are eager, timely, and sometimes send too much, this individual has provided nothing but empty promises.  You can guess what my first impression obviously is.
4.    Another act that I had been trying to schedule an interview with – who expressed gratitude and enthusiasm – disappeared.  My emails that were previously being responded to suddenly went unanswered.  I took to Facebook Messenger, where we’d had a little interaction at one point too, but got nothing there either.  I stopped and moved on, as will so many others.

So, which one will you be?  Get back to people and on the road to becoming the success story that others are standing on the sidelines scratching their heads in wonder over, rather than being the one stuck in the mud trying to figure out why the opportunities aren’t coming your way.

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