Now Hear This is proud to add Upper Cervical Center of Brandon to the small business portfolio of its client list.
This latest addition reinforces the diverse audience that Now Hear This can serve.
“I’m happy to see Upper Cervical Center of Brandon come into the fold,” said Now Hear This President Bruce Wawrzyniak.  “I have known Dr. Nick Schar for a couple years now and admire his approach to his business.  I appreciate him giving Now Hear This the opportunity to enhance communications efforts on behalf of him and his practice.
“This is another important addition.  UCC of Brandon is focused on patient care and Now Hear This is focused on enhancing and providing a first-class, professional image for our clients.  The internal mandate here is to make sure that we protect and promote the Upper Cervical Center’s brand for added exposure and for their service to their patients, including their efforts to further educate them.”
Dr. Nick ScharA unique alternative healthcare solution, Upper Cervical Center of Brandon provides cutting edge treatment to help people recover lost health.  Their focus is on improving the relationship of the head to the neck by applying gentle percussion-wave corrections in order to restore brain to body communication.  Dr. Schar says, “Once the brain is fully communicating with all the systems, organs, tissues and cells of the body, it is more readily able to heal itself; just the way God intended when he created us.”
Now Hear This is already working on taking over UCC of Brandon’s website and evaluating current programs and marketing materials, among other planned projects.
Mr. Wawrzyniak added that, “As Now Hear This has grown over the years from serving just the music industry to now (still that audience and) authors, small businesses, an Olympic athlete, and even an entrepreneur client, there has been a demand for speaker services too.  Certainly Dr. Schar will also now be part of that service that we market to events and their audiences.”