NHTE 163 Peter Thom AND Death Angel

Peter Thom performed and then was immediately interviewed and three members of Death Angel sat down for a Q&A as well during the Winter 2017 NAMM show in California. Peter Thom was promoting and doing a live demo of LoopTunes, which he developed (released last June). Originally from Germany and classically trained on piano, he started making music when he was seven years old and recording when he was 14. On their portion of this NHTE episode, three of the five members of Death Angel talk about – among other topics – the 30-year anniversary of their first album, their discography, advice for up-and-comers, and their interest in vinyl. The band has opened for the likes of Metallica, Megadeath, and Slayer, among others.

Show Quotes: 


“LoopTunes is a performance-oriented tool that allows you to play loops together.  You can also record loops.  You have a loop browser that can access an online database of over 50 thousand loops right now.  It also has song decks that let you play DJ-type songs.”

“The iPad offers a lot of control in terms of touch pad-like control that is really desirable on-stage as well as being much cheaper than a laptop.”

“I wanted to make a performance-oriented tool that not only can professionals use, but, that’s usable by everyone all the way to my six-year old daughter.”

“(I’m originally from) Germany.  I came to the United States in 1998 and I – it’s a longer story, but – I came for the sun and surf and I stayed.”

“It takes a lot of hard work to do this and to juggle family and main job, side job, and I also want to make music.  Somehow I manage it and still stay sane.”

“You can have a lot of happy accidents and just create and create, and create until you like what you’re hearing.”


(Mark) “We hit yet another speed bump, which happens with bands that stay together for quite some time and people start having families and paying mortgages and, ya’ know, metal doesn’t always pay all the bills.”

(Mark) “If that’s what they truly want, attack it with the most gusto you can and follow your heart and as long as you’re doing something you feel is relevant and original and it fulfills your desire in what you need to get out, then do it, but just be prepared to make sacrifice after sacrifice after sacrifice after sacrifice.”

(Mark) “Music in general is on the upswing.  It had a state of flux where I think no one really knew what to do between the era of analog and digital… Everyone had to reconfigure everything, from publishing to record sales to just everything, and even musicians, how they recorded.  I think it’s finally, it’s catching its gear, so to speak.”

(Mark) “If you’re fortunate enough in your life to complain about music, you’re really ahead of the game.”

(Mark) “I don’t like to be political, I don’t like to be religious, I just want, music is music and if our music touches you no matter what you are, bless your heart.  Ya’ know, plain and simple.  I don’t want it to be divisive, I want it to bring everyone together.”

Songs on this episode: 

Peter Thom
LoopTunes demo (live)
Second LoopTunes demo (live)

Death Angel
“Cause for Alarm”