NHTE 154 Eileen Carey

She is releasing a new single at the end of February or beginning of March and a new album will be done by early Spring. (She records in both Nashville and L.A.) Named the Country Breakthrough Artist of the Year 2016 by the New Music Weekly, CBS LA called her one of Los Angeles’s Top 10 Female Musicians, and she has won twice at the Los Angeles Music Awards. She has been the artist ambassador for the beauty salon chain Supercuts and even performed in films like “Hoffa,” “Basic Instinct,” and the original “Batman” film, along with advertising campaigns like her role in one of Ray Charles’ Diet Pepsi commercials. She also talks about her “Music Mom” website.

Show Quotes: 

“I always write with co-writers.  That’s kind of the way it works.  They inspire me, working with different people.”

“It was really funny; I went to go see them, she sang the song, I got to meet her, and the next thing I’m putting it on my album.”

“There’s a bunch of places out here that can become opening bands for certain artists and I kind of threw it out there and they accepted it and the first performance was with Ricky Nelson’s kids.”

“There’s always gonna be a No, but – there might be a few No’s, but – in between there’s gonna be a Yes.”

“I don’t put myself in a position that I’m not able to shine.”

“Every time you sit in a room and you write a song, you perfect it.  And that’s what it’s all about.  You’re working on your craft… The more you do it the better you become.”

“Every aspect of the entertainment business, I enjoy.”

“You have to pay your dues in every job… Even Britney Spears, she was with the Mickey Mouse Club and she had to build herself way up before she got to where she was at.”

“You can start off with Internet radio and try that and then you can always go to college (radio) and see how it goes to the next level and then keep on traveling it up as you go.”

“I kind of look at my music to be like, each song, to me, is a mini-movie.”

Songs on this episode: 

"Let It Go"
"In the Air"