Now Hear This is pleased to have Nail The Sale onboard the client roster, effective immediately.  Work is well underway and comes at a time when there are two highlights drawing near.

Nail The Sale is both a podcast hosted by Rick and Nancy Monsipapa and the title of a book that they have coming out.  The second milestone will be a February 1st live event in Tampa.

Now Hear This President Bruce Wawrzyniak said, “I have known Rick for a few years now and always admired his ‘can-do’ style and approach.  His positive attitude is infectious and it’s great to work with someone who has a servant’s heart.

“What he and Nancy are doing with Nail The Sale is truly admirable because it’s a real service project.  It’s ironic in that while the subject matter is sales, they don’t beat you over the head with trying to make a sale themselves.  I’m very excited to work with them.”

The podcast has been available on their website as well as iTunes and Stitcher Radio, and Now Hear This has already gotten it added to TuneIn Radio as well.  The book gives easy to use tips and techniques for entrepreneurs to move their businesses forward.  It is an informal conversation between them and the reader, to make it easy to apply immediately.  They've also included their mistakes and successes to allow the reader to laugh and have fun as they absorb the tips and tricks!

Rick Monsipapa said, “Bruce is the consummate professional.  His twenty plus years of promotion speaks for itself and with him being a fellow podcaster the decision was simple to hire NHT as our publicist.”

Now Hear This will be active in promoting all things Nail The Sale, including having already acquired two interview opportunities and enhanced the corresponding social media accounts.